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real BEEF.

About our Jerky

Cut. Dried. Flavored. 

Though this tried and true process has been repeated for hundreds of years; it's unique flavors, unbeatable quality, and rich taste that separates our savory snacks from the rest. 

Jerky Company was founded in 2016 with 30 year-old traditions originating as “Pops Home Made Jerky”. Our family tradition of Teriyaki “moist” or “crunchy” have maintained unique and bold flavors throughout the years. Through popular demand we now make over 100LBS a day; yet each 3OZ bag stays consistent to the flavors our family traditions have set as the absolute best on the market. 

Flavors we know you'll


Home made with Beef, Soy Sauce, Garlic, Liquid Smoke, Wine, Teriyaki Sauce, and Secret Spices.

Order NOw.

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